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emailsAvoca Consulting Engineers has taken a stand over a much-discussed issue in the modern workplace: the encroachment of work emails outside traditional work hours and the need for a greater work/life balance.

It is no secret that for millions of employees, work doesn’t end at the bounds of the office or the close of office hours.   As respectful managers, Avoca has addressed this issue with a new policy restricting emails to only be sent and received during business hours – 7 am to 7 pm week days only.

Mark Hooper, Managing Director of Avoca said; “Having constant access to work through mobile phones, tablets and laptops has blurred the boundaries between employee’s work and personal time. The out of hours restriction now setup on our emails will inevitably eliminate all work related distractions, allowing our staff their right to time away, outside working hours. We believe that this will in turn help our staff to produce new ideas and fresh insights.

“It is important for our client’s and contacts to note our new policy will not affect the professional service we provide.”

With the help of some bespoke programming from Avoca’s IT Consultants, PNTS (Professional Network Technology Solutions Ltd) the policy was setup.

Paul Ashley, Director of PNTS clarified how this was achieved saying; “A simple script, running to a timed schedule was created to stop and start the service which is responsible for the delivery of emails to PCs, laptops and mobile phones.  This ensures that, emails which are not delivered during the blackout hours, are held on Avoca’s mailserver and queued until the delivery service is available again.”