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Providing energy and emissions calculations, certificates and reports for buildings

The implementation of the Energy Performance for Buildings Directive (EPBD) alongside the need to reduce energy consumption in new construction means that sustainability and energy efficiency is at the forefront of all new building design.

We recognise the importance of this and have invested time and resources to register as a 'Low Carbon Consultant' via the UK Government Accredited CIBSE scheme. Our accreditation, and that of our strategic partners, allows us to provide the back up to our sustainable design approach by providing;

  • SBEM Calculations
  • Thermal Modelling
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Compliance reports for particular sectors and specialisations, such as Building Bulletin 101 for education projects.

We use the IES Virtual Environment software to model all of our projects which allows us to appraise the concept designs and provide feedback to the project Architect.

For existing buildings we provide a 'health check' report highlighting the performance of the building services and fabric against published benchmarks, we can also provide statutory documentation and reports, such as:

  • Display Energy Certificates (DEC's)
  • CIBSE TM44 Air Conditioning System Inspections